what moves moves

schiefe huette
Photo: Baschi Gwinner

Working on a new piece with Christina Ciupke this fall.
Premiere December 11 – 14 at Uferstudios, Kesselhaus

“There are things I’m going to tell you and there are things I’m not going to tell you.”
Xenia Hauf (2013)

“Material may suggest what sort of process it should be run through (content suggests form) and processes may suggest what sort of material should be run through them (form suggests content).
If the shoe fits, wear it.”
Steve Reich (Music as a Gradual Process, 1968)

“to compress range – to crinkle material – to get out of the way – to fold form”
Boris Hauf & Christina Ciupke (what moves moves, 2013)

“Recording […] takes sound out of time dimension in to space dimension”
Brian Eno (The Studio as Compositional Tool, probably 1979)

“The technology of space is supplemented by technology of time.”
Iain Chambers (The Aural Walk, 1994?) – loosely quoted