CONTROL SIGNAL – Premiere tonight

A new piece by Karen Christopher and Sophie Grodin called CONTROL SIGNAL will be premiered this Thursday. I’m contributing (live) music.

In celebration of the premiere I made a 20 min remix-piece-kind-of-thing of all the musics I composed for the piece. Download it here: borishauf.bandcamp. Download is ‘pay as you wish’. Meaning you could pay, if you wished to do so. I hear it’s pretty easy (not complicated) to ‘pay as you wish’. Someone actually already did it. (paid for the download). Anyway, you can also just download it for free. (if you wish).

And – if you are in London and want to come please check the vitals below.
Thursday apparently is pretty much full so come on Friday (if you wish.)
Would be great to see you there.

By & With: Karen Christopher & Sophie Grodin
Sound: Boris Hauf
Light: Marty Langthorne
Dramaturgy: Litó Walkey

Premiere: 10 & 11 October, 2013
Chelsea Theatre, London,
0207 3521967
downloads for your listening and harddrive-space-decreasing pleasures. I’ll be putting more stuff up there in the near future – you’re welcome to come back for more. Enjoy.

Thanks for listening.