Happy Record Release Day

2 new releases coming your way:


Boris Hauf
2 white LPs in gatefold
Music by Boris Hauf at Lost Collie, Berlin
Mastered by Todd Carter at bel_Air, Chicago
Design by Julian Lars Gosper, Vancouver
Many thanks to Max McCormick
Supported by ske-fond.at

“It’s rare that a single album in one style can justify and maintain an 80-minute duration, especially one with such a minimalist approach as this has at times- but it’s a testament to the balance and control that’s been put into this that it really is worthy of it. It’s filmic and grandiose, yet never over the top. It’s a modern take on the halcyon 70’s days of experimental electronic music, with a few fresh details, and it’s executed brilliantly.”
– Stuart Bruce

“If time looked like music, it could be close to CLARK2. The 12 titles are an immersion in a space suspended from the celestial arches of a universe larger than our imagination.”
– Roland Torres

“I don’t know, it makes my eyes hurt.”
– Naima

CLARK2 is produced at an ECO friendly factory with green, sustainable bio-mass driven technology and green power. We offer carbon neutral shipping only or deliver our LPs in person by bike. No shrinkwrap. No physical promo.


BED (Michael Hartmann & Boris Hauf)
T Shirt and download

composed, recorded, mixed, mastered, paid for by Michael Hartman & Boris Hauf
T-shirt design by Julian Lars Gosper

Bed is Boris Hauf and Michael Hartman – Do Less More Often is the music they made. This music is about finding a path through the mundaneness of the day-to-day to create purpose and meaning. It is about finding a meaningful way to pass the time, making music with your friends. There are mostly synthesizers, there are subtle pulses and pounding beats, there are gentle drones and harsh noises, there is light and dark, and there is a way to stay connected across distance, time, and clutter. There is the optimism of family and friendship pushing against the cynicism of the oligarchy.

All proceeds from t-shirt sales minus bandcamp, paypal and shipping fees will be donated to The Greater Chicago Food Depository (Chicago sales) and Berliner Tafel e.V. (Berlin sales) to help feed people during these strange times.Our T-shirts printed on Next Level Apparel shirts which are produced environmentally friendly, and sweat-shop and child labor free.