REDRICK updated

Last December I released a collection of lockdown tunes named after the main character in the Strugatsky brothers’ Roadside Picnic: Redrick.

The album will be updated as we go along. Check back when you have a mo and download the tracks you dont have yet. I think that’s how it’ll work.

thanks all, stay safe and healthy and sane.

Roland Torres from SilenceAndSound wrote some wonderful words about the release. Thanks Roland.

“It is almost in discretion that Boris Hauf continues to develop and divulge his music, full of poetry and tenderness, empathy and discreet beauty.

Redrick, released a few months ago as an EP, has been embellished with new tracks to turn into an album and should continue to see his tracklisting expand over time.

The unpredictable is a notion that the composer seems to particularly appreciate, offering with each new project a new angle of his personality forming a complex and rich whole that continually explores the depths of our world.

Crafted like a sculpture, each title is an opportunity for Boris Hauf to express galaxy skeletons, dreams escaped from black holes, erased images of the present … slaying hostile areas to create strangely attractive arpents of land.

There is a lot of finesse and delicacy in the work of the German, craftsman of rushed feelings and sensitive deviations, offering with Redrick, an initiatory journey to the heart of our creative humanity and our submerged emotions. It brilliantly blends, soothing trance and porous intensity, inviting jazz, electronics, classical and abstraction to merge together, to drift until the end of time. Vital.”