Ultimately it’s a curiosity that sounds like nothing else.

“[…] On Next Delusion by Berlin-based saxophonist Boris Hauf, […] forms […] an even more unconventional lineup. There can be few instrumentations that are completely novel, but three horns matched with three drumsets recalls few precedents. Waxed on one of the German’s regular trips to Chicago, Hauf has assembled a talented crew, though their abilities are almost totally sublimated to the leader’s offbeat conceptions.
For much of the time, the three percussionists (Frank Rosaly, Steven Hess and Michael Hartman) are so restrained as to be subliminal and the horns (Keefe Jackson, alongside Stein and Hauf) aren’t much more demonstrative. It’s largely impossible to tell who does what in the four tracks, which defy categorization in their execution of Hauf’s austere and rigorous charts. Dissonant unisons and subdued drones characterize the horn lines, which often sound on a parallel but unconnected track to the rumbling massed drums. Ultimately it’s a curiosity that sounds like nothing else.”

John Sharpe
The New York City Jazz Record

Boris Hauf Chicago Sextet ‘Next Delusion’ – sound set out in the iris of the eye

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Boris Hauf Chicago Sextet ‘Next Delusion’ – sound set out in the iris of the eye

Vienna saxophonist and improviser Boris Hauf, born in 1966. in London, but a decade flirts with the Chicago scene, and its debt to American counterculture recently expressed an homage Levon Helm of The Band.

Boris Hauf Sextet ‘Next Delusion’

Haufov Chicago sextet Next Delusion three wind players and three drummers, in the first series bass clarinetist Jason Stein , and saxophonists Hauf (tenor, baritone) and Keefe Jackson (tenor, bass clarinet), while in the second Frank Rosaly , Michael Hartmann and Steven Hess , respectively drummers.

Connection Chicago and Berlin is not sporadic, because at the time before it was Jeb Bishop left the electric guitar to be devoted entirely to the trombone, Art Institute of Chicago has organized a major event dedicated tuvanskoj singer Sainkho Namtchylak inhabited in Vienna, where the Chicago quartet performing guitarists Werner Daefeldeckera . And judging by the recordings are from 1991. year on YouTube, it seems that it was Boris Taba. Ahead Viennese moving to Berlin at the beginning of the millennium Hauf mapped sound EAI label Durian, Mego, Grave and Extraplatte, along with colleagues from the collectiveKlingt . Electrification of experience gained in the sound texture group Efzeg with Saks, synthesizers and computer harnessed to work with the American trio TV Pow, lap-gunner, in which in addition to a Hartmann opskurnija names.

Sextet moving aesthetic minimalist sound, even before the reductionist, in the introductory “Gregory Grant Machine” frequency point are established from the rainy strikes by cymbals and mikrovizatorskih winds that slowly heat up the intoxicating drone collective timbre spreading aura solar orgasm. In “Eighteen Ghost Roads” suggestive atmosphere is indicated akordnim voicinzima three winds, followed by the massive crowds refined drumming.

In polikromatskoj “Fame and Riches” idea is enshrined in the iris of the eye with a provocative voice, saxophone playing a double role, the soloist and the first one to vote almost chamber orchestra. And although they are invasive in “Wayward Lanes”, the listener is also not required to take care of every detail.Crawl under his skin – that! – Leaving him at a distance to the sound discretion cope.

Rating: 9/10

(Clean Feed, 2012).

Type Jeraj Sundays from 22:00 to 24:00 hours editing and hosting the show ‘Hearing deception’ on Radio 808th

2 more shows. I knew it!!!

Hi all, Due to it’s general AWESOMENESS we decided to add on another show of JeeAe’s new piece on the 17th. Check it.

Saturday, December 15 2012, 8:30PM
Monday, December 17 2012, 7:00PM
Work in Progress (40min) – 작업이 진행 중
Concept and Performance: Jee-Ae Lim – 깜짝 – 애 임
Sound: Boris Hauf – 보리스 Hauf

The images exist in the retrospective landscape of a (the) body.
이미지 () 몸의 회고전 풍경에 존재합니다.
Image (of the body)/ Retrospective exist/ on/ the landscape.
이미지 (몸의) ) / 회고가 존재/에/ 풍경.
이미지는 풍경을 기존과 같은 신체의 역이다.
The body is used as a piece of scenery in the space,
몸은 공간에서 풍경의 한 부분으로 사용됩니다,
복고풍의 몸은 우주에서 풍경으로 진행 중입니다,
retro-/ the body/ in the universe/ is in progress,
복고풍 / 우주에서 몸 / /이 진행 중입니다,
Retro / body / / in the universe is in progress,

Thursday, December 20 2012, 9:00PM
This year’s Psychedelic Xmas Spectacular
w Tony Buck, Magda Mayas, Tom Meadowcroft, Boris Hauf, Brendan Dougherty, James Welburn, Axel Dörner

Join us for an evening of spellbinding electric organs, hypnotic percussion, crazy ass bari sax drones.
It’s gonna be far out and epic:

Wabe, Danziger Str. 101, P-Berg, Berlin

Do it! We know you want to!!