“Don’t you lie awake at night wishing that Philip K Dick had written music to accompany his vision of dystopia? All that time he was working in a music store and we only get books… Well luckily, Mr. Boris Hauf has supplied us with the next best thing: The great anti-anti-utopia is here.”
Mark McLaren


2 white LPs, gatefold, reverse print, limited edition 200

“There’s a sense of space throughout, in two simple ways. Yes it is naturally sci-fi, with its combination of atmospheric electronics and slow drama, but it’s also spacious, never crowded, always allowing you to breathe. It’s an album best listened to by letting it wash over you, which for some releases might be a criticism, but not here. Even simple details like playful stereo use keep the listener attached.
It’s rare that a single album in one style can justify and maintain an 80-minute duration, especially one with such a minimalist approach as this has at times- but it’s a testament to the balance and control that’s been put into this that it really is worthy of it. It’s filmic and grandiose, yet never over the top. It’s a modern take on the halcyon 70’s days of experimental electronic music, with a few fresh details, and it’s executed brilliantly.
Brace yourself for a beautiful musical deep space science fiction adventure on this one.”

Suart Bruce

“If time looked like music, it could be close to Boris Hauf’s new album, CLARK2. The 12 titles are an immersion in a space suspended from the celestial arches of a universe larger than our imagination. A mass of wriggling lights and light materials running through the fingers, to curl up in the hollow of memories half erased, by the scars of existence in ash. Boris Hauf invites us to float within the vastness, to let ourselves be absorbed by a nature with slow movements, astral clocks of events shaken by a discontinuous future. All in abstraction and viscerality, the atmospheres drift towards foggy borders, haloed by disturbing mutations and familiar horizontality, miniature synthetic ecosystems with scintillating rotations, ready to blend with the pores of our carnal envelope. Magical. “
Roland Torres


(Sijis, 2005 & Shameless RE-ISSUE, 2017)
180gram black vinyl, limited edition 300

“The Syncopated Molecules in Microwave Meals will Finally Understand”
Carnage News / Riccardo Goron

“the re-issue on vinyl makes a lot of sense. It has a great quality and doesn’t sound dated at all, unlike some of the computer music that appeared a few years before that, the technoid music of Hauf still sounds remarkable fresh; to me it seems like a wise decision to re-issue this.”
Vital Weekly 1069 / Frans de Waard re the 2017 Vinyl reissue

“a seriously deep set of tracks that sound like minimal techno that’s been disassembled, then rebuilt in a slightly different order with half a dozen of the pieces missing… “Clark” is perhaps as far removed from techno as it’s possible to be whilst still being able to justify labelling it as techno, which I will, but this is an extremely deep, insular journey that benefits from focussed headphone listening. Releases like this have been appearing more frequently lately but for a 2005 release this was well ahead of the curve and its release is certainly justified.”
Chain D.L.K. / Stuart Bruce

“dry and cutting edge electronics, post-industrial techno and minimal”
Rockerilla / Roberto Mandolini

“Clark makes wonderful use of intelligence and sensations. It’s a majestic EP of conciseness and relevance, combining the multiple facets of today’s music to propel them towards a future with exciting modulations.”
Silence and Sound / Roland Torres

“Clark is rising in my estimation with every play”
Include Me Out / Robin Tomens

“post industrial minimal music”
– Digital in Berlin / piradio

“a fine bunch of microsounding glitch ambient or whatever you call it, […] here on ‘Clark’ he comes up with something that sidesteps that: his own version of techno music. Stripped bare of all unnecessary elements, adding his own sometimes creepy sounds,”
– Vital Weekly / Frans de Waard re the original 2005 CDR release

“Fragments of techno juxtaposed with modernist contemporary experimentation make it liable to pique the interest of many an electronic music connoisseur.”
Furthernosie / Alex Young

“Minimal and elegant electronic music for Boris Hauf, everything is quasi essential during the listening. The sound choice is accurate and the mastering done by Todd Carter in Chicago pushes everything at the right place.”
Chain DLK / Andrea Ferraris



“CLARK investigates how concepts of processual repetition, patterns and loops can engage the imaginary and calculated potential of iteration and disintegration, delay and modulation. Observing the deformation of repetitions after they have been established, microscopic loops interact with elongated nested phrases and expose the gradual decay of the logic of sound. Originally a 2005 solo release for UK label Sijis, CLARK was re-issued 2017 on vinyl on Shameless. CLARK2 will be released 2020.”
Boris Hauf