Postmarks is a duo with saxophonist Boris Hauf and piano player D Bayne. They’ve been playing and recording together since 2002. The band’s nameĀ is a hybrid of Postcards and Landmarks and proposes an imaginary and visual stimulus. As postcards cut across both place and time, landmarks do the opposite – they constitute and define specific spaces and periods in a visual context.Ā The duo’s first albumĀ Western Ave was recorded in Chicago 2005 and released as a limited edition release on Luminesence. The 100 copies were packaged in unique covers, all collage handcrafted from 1920s Chicago postcards by Tony Keller (Studio Twelve, Cleveland). ForĀ National Parks, Postmarks went to Vienna, Austria to record with guitar-experimentalist Martin Siewert.Ā Musical scores for the improvisations were based on 1940s posters and names of US National Parks.

Postmarks – National Parks (MonotypeRec, 2013)
Postmarks – Western Ave (Luminesence, 2011)

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