Thomas Meadowcroft – Boris Hauf – Steve Heather
(aka The Understated Brown)

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“The Understated Brown… sounds like my cup of tea.” – Michael, London
“I usually don’t like men, but you guys are hot!” – Werner Hirsch, Berlin
“You’re basically torturing me with my Dreamband.” – Kurt Johnson, Chicago

They’ve been there and done that and now they’re doing it all again but this time a bit slower and they’re taking more time. TUB’s music is a creamy trap of classic rock, pop, psychedelia, noise and an improvised musical foreplay of humour, tragedy, life and death. TUB has an incredibly diverse musical gene pool. Their inimitable drone pieces, performed with organ, synthesisers, drums and percussion are based on a mixture of classic rock, pop, good old fashioned psychedelia. Stripped back yet pumped up for your pure powerful listening pleasure. Their sonic level of exuberation TUB takes the audience to a whole new dimension of aural and sensory pleasure.

Formed in Berlin in late 2004 by Boris Hauf, Thomas Meadowcroft and Steve Heather TUB was originally conceived as a ‘classic rock’ covers band (ELO, Steely Dan, Supertramp etc.). It soon went on to discover the structural and textural potential of this repertoire, creating new, longer modular forms from the great rock songs of the past.

Now, armed with a heady array of loops, hooks, drones, noise and grooves, TUB is a powerful, rock power-trio standing at the cutting edge of ‘iterative rock’.

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