Burning Bridges since 200TV Pow and Boris Hauf have known and worked with each other since 2002. Depending on the context they have played concerts and tours as quartet, trio or duo throughout the USA, Japan and Europe, hosted radio shows, written and performed music for dance/performance and have released approx. 10 records.

TV Pow und Boris Hauf kennen sich schon seit 2002 und arbeiten seitdem in verschiedenen Konstellationen zusammen. Je nach Kontext spielen sie als Quartet, Trio oder Duo Konzerte, Tourneen, Tanzprojekte, Radioshows. Bis jetzt in den USA, Japan und Europa. Gemeinsam haben sie ca. 10 Veröffentlichungen auf Vinyl, Cd und Cdr.

Performances and Tours (excerpt)
-) A bunch of Chicago shows between 2002 and 2016 (present) as quartet, trio or duo (depending on the situation)
-) TV Pow/Hauf 2005 US tour
-) Chicago Sound Map – composed music series 2007 – 2010 (Boris Hauf & Michael Hartman, conception and curation)
-) Boris and Michael residency at Le Quartz, Brest (F) w B. Lachambre, Nadio Lauro and others (“Not to know”)
-) Boris and Michael, Tokyo (2003), NYC (2008), small euro tour (2003)

Recorded Projects
-) TV Pow – America Says Farewell [2002, En/Of]
-) TV Pow – Friendship Patrol [2001, Not for Profit]
-) TV Pow – Neighborhood Watch
-) Boris Hauf Sextet – Next Delusion (2012, clean feed)
-) Next Delusion (2016, Shameless)
-) Chicago Sound Map (2008, kuronekomusic)
-) You’re Going to Need Someone in Your Bed (2003, boxmedia)
-) Oh Manny – split 7” MPs (need to repost after taking down.)
-) Busking for Gas Money
-) Hartman/Roberts/Hauf – we put the we back in banking (2003, artonal)

TV Pow is an experimental trio of Todd A. Carter (instruments), Brent Gutzeit (instruments), and Michael Hartman (instruments) has been working together since 1993. Formed in 1995 TV Pow performs free improvisation and composed works, combining electronics, traditional instruments, and noise. They employ samplers, percussion, invented instruments, synthesizers, turntables, tape manipulation, computers and multi-speaker surround-sound systems in a constantly evolving soundscape of sparkling electronics, ambient drones, minimalist techno, and cinematic field recordings. Their recent album, released on Boris Hauf’s label Shameless, began as a beat oriented remix project that evolved into an endeavor of song writing and collaboration with some of Chicago’s most versatile and prolific lyricists and vocalists. (Steven, Tina M. Howell, Precise, Fare Games, Ben Carter, Precise, Sharkula)
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Boris Hauf
Multi-intrumentalist, composer, producer and performer Boris Hauf plays saxophones, flutes, synths, samplers, organ, various computer-based applications, cymbals, bells, rudimentary guitar and sings. He composes for large and small ensembles, performance artists, film, radio, soloists, video and installation art. More than 40 releases on vinyl, CD, tape and online. He initiated and curated the annual composition festival Chicago Sound Map in Chicago and the concert series Playdate in Berlin and lectures at the University of the Arts in Berlin. Hauf tours worldwide in a variety of bands, ensembles as well as in various performative contexts and if necessary as a solo artist. Current bands include Owl & Mack, Postmarks, Next Delusion, The Peeled Eye. As performer and composer he collaborates closely with Choreographers Christina Ciupke, Martin Nachbar, Karen Christopher and many others with in the performance context. He owns and runs the independent record label Shameless and lives in Berlin, Germany.

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photo credit Dieter Hartwig
photo credit Dieter Hartwig