instanded I turn

composed by Boris Hauf for the performance “Instanded I Turn” by Litó Walkey and Boris Hauf, commissioned by Graben Festtage, Vienna 2006.
later also performed at Openport Chicago and Chicago-Mexico fest curated by cranksatori.
released 03 June 2006
Jeb Bishop – Trombone
Boris Hauf – Sax
Todd Carter – recording, (Strobe Recording, Chicago 2006)
Composition – Boris Hauf

Litó Walkey – Weld Company – Stockholm

This Friday (8th November) the Weld Company will be premiering a short piece (20 minutes) that Litó has been working on with them for a short period of time (8 days).

If you are in Stockholm please be welcome for the show at 19h. and join us for a little talking after. Even better, make a reservation before you come to make sure you can get in. The show is at Weld. (Nortullsgatan 7 – t-bana Odenplan)

Weld Company 2013: Sybrig Dokter, Robin Dingemans, Marie Fahlin, Sandra Lolax, Kajsa Sanström, Noah Hellwig
Invited choreographers: Rebecca Stillman, Litó Walkey, Efva Lilja, Michael Klien
Costume: Erik Annerborn Light: Anton Andersson

Whether you’re around or not please take a look at the Weld Company site.
This unique dance company project includes work by 4 invited choreographers and the company members. The next Weld Company performance will be a choreography by Efva Lilja on 17 November and the company will perform all 4 works and others on 6-8 December as part of Dans Stockholm International Contemporary Dance Festival.

Very best, Litó


CONTROL SIGNAL – Premiere tonight

A new piece by Karen Christopher and Sophie Grodin called CONTROL SIGNAL will be premiered this Thursday. I’m contributing (live) music.

In celebration of the premiere I made a 20 min remix-piece-kind-of-thing of all the musics I composed for the piece. Download it here: borishauf.bandcamp. Download is ‘pay as you wish’. Meaning you could pay, if you wished to do so. I hear it’s pretty easy (not complicated) to ‘pay as you wish’. Someone actually already did it. (paid for the download). Anyway, you can also just download it for free. (if you wish).

And – if you are in London and want to come please check the vitals below.
Thursday apparently is pretty much full so come on Friday (if you wish.)
Would be great to see you there.

By & With: Karen Christopher & Sophie Grodin
Sound: Boris Hauf
Light: Marty Langthorne
Dramaturgy: Litó Walkey

Premiere: 10 & 11 October, 2013
Chelsea Theatre, London,
0207 3521967
downloads for your listening and harddrive-space-decreasing pleasures. I’ll be putting more stuff up there in the near future – you’re welcome to come back for more. Enjoy.

Thanks for listening.


download now. LIKE THAT, LIKE THIS – up for grabs

SUPER AWESOME MUSIC for a SUPER AWESOME PIECE by Litó Walkey and Carlos Pez, 2008

released 01 January 2008
Composition, Production, Keys, Saxes – Boris Hauf
Strings – Daniella Strassfogel, Bo Lie, Derek Shirley
Drums – Steve Heather
Mastering – Todd Carter @belairsound

what moves moves

schiefe huette
Photo: Baschi Gwinner

Working on a new piece with Christina Ciupke this fall.
Premiere December 11 – 14 at Uferstudios, Kesselhaus

“There are things I’m going to tell you and there are things I’m not going to tell you.”
Xenia Hauf (2013)

“Material may suggest what sort of process it should be run through (content suggests form) and processes may suggest what sort of material should be run through them (form suggests content).
If the shoe fits, wear it.”
Steve Reich (Music as a Gradual Process, 1968)

“to compress range – to crinkle material – to get out of the way – to fold form”
Boris Hauf & Christina Ciupke (what moves moves, 2013)

“Recording […] takes sound out of time dimension in to space dimension”
Brian Eno (The Studio as Compositional Tool, probably 1979)

“The technology of space is supplemented by technology of time.”
Iain Chambers (The Aural Walk, 1994?) – loosely quoted