Elliot Sharp plays live music to 1984

Cinesthesia Screen Concert 005

TUESDAY 5 JUNE 2018 @ 21:00

Caligariplatz 1
13086 BERLIN




FILM: 1984 | USA 1956| 90 minutes | Director: Michael Anderson


George Orwell wrote his visionary novel “1984” based on personal experiences with totalitarian systems. The 1956 film rendition appeared in the middle of the Cold War, not long after Orwell’s death. His widow sold the film rights to a film agent without realising that the agent’s employer was the CIA’s culture department!

Boris Hauf (Keyboards) und Alex Jezdinsky (Drums)

I’m very excited to announce the next Screen Concert at Brotfabrik Berlin Weissensee on January 25th, 9pm. The fantastic drummer and synth player Alex Jezdinsky from Hamburg will be going me to play live music for the Swedish silent movie classic Häxan.

Cinesthesia Screen Concert 003
Date: January 25th, 9pm
Film: Häxan
Music: Boris Hauf & Alex Jezdinsky
Venue: Brotfabrik, Caligari platz 1, 13086 Berlin Weissensee

fun facts:
Alex and I play in the Austrian rock band NAKED LUNCH. Alex drums, me keys. Häxan was Williams Burrough’s favorite movie. We’ll be using his original narration throughout the screening. there they are, the fun facts.

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