Owl & Mack lyrics

Owl & Mack
(lyrics Litó Walkey)

White Dog

As I watched moths dancing by, I fell off my window
and from the forest, the dark forest, a white dog stared at me
He sat in the branches growling with his eyes, he saw me standing and I heard him say: “keep on walking, keep on walking, to be new in ending is not the only thing to do” White Dog, White Dog, where is the door?
Through the branches, Through the trees, white, the sun, the wig
the armor, the bird, the cloud and the ladder, the apron, the dress, coat and a hat.
White Dog, White Dog, where is the door?
Pass these objects, weigh the distance of your walk.
Enter a tale short of shape made with steps of mass
floating forward, floating forward, forever like the autumn mist.


There’s a dark room to show, where places hide and traces lie
shadows live and shadows die, on a different plane it can rain.
There’s a room, room of light, where words remember
the wind comes from east to west, they call it kamikaze.
Speak to me of stepping in and out, to give attention a rest. Speak to me of places for yourself. Say a body, say a story.
There’s a woman playing a game, laughing and raining
in the corners of her eyes, this amusement never ends.
Sound rests bring fringes closer, gimme lifts, slips and slides
it can rain, it can rain octopus with knives.
Speak to me of stepping in and out, to give attention a rest. Speak to me of places for yourself. Say a body, say a story.


Soak up the rain, from your feet up to your hand. That’s where the rested, that’s where they rest now.
The moon falls on your face when you listen. Step a side, fix your shirt.
The sun falls on your face when you speak. Catch your hand and turn away.
Shake, shake of your clothes, shake off your feathers. You leave them in a pile at your feet. That’s where the rested, that’s where they rest now.


There’s wind between the wall and the back of my head.
Hold me while I skate.
Touch me lightly with your hand to tell me when it’s time.

Profit & Loss

Hang a line of mountain tops, hang them in a distance.
See the highs, see the lows, see the Profit, see the loss
Translate the line, into a frame and swing, a door.
Until a boat apears, until it floats, until it sinks.
Into the floor where time rest, Into the floor where time sleeps, Into the floor where time tells, Into the floor where time’s is guest.
See the highs, see the lows, see the Profit, see the loss.

Solo Sax Show – Levon Helm Tribute

Friday May 11, 2012 7.30PM
echoraum, Sechshauser Strasse 66, 1150 Wien www.echoraum.at

I’ll be playing my Levon Helm Tribute on Baritone Sax as part of Viskas Gerai/Litauen in Wien.
A classy festival organized and curated by Katharina Klement & Burkhard Stangl.

The festival stretches from May 10, 11 and 12 and includes mighty fine artists such as: Tautvydas Bajarkevičius, Martin Siewert, Susanna Gartmayer, Tamara Wilhelm, Katharina Ernst, Lina Lapelyte, Elisabeth Schimana, Manon-Liu Winter, Antanas Jasenka, Raminta Šerkšnytė, Boris Hauf, Egidija Medekšaitė, Lucas Miceika, Simon Zöchbauer & Ayac Jimenez-Salvador, Gintas K., Lisbeth Kovacic & Katka Csanyiova, Caroline Profanter


We are thrilled that after a 7 year hiatus efzeg will reunite and play concerts again. (info)

1999: After a 3 month stay in Chicago, Illinois Boris Hauf was in search for a new sound for his (till then) project-based musical outlet ‘efzeg’. He invited Burkhard Stangl, Martin Siewert and dieb13 to play a concert/recording session within a series of ‘house concerts’ he was hosting in his living room in Vienna, Austria. The 4 met that afternoon for the first time ever in a musical context. They set up microphones and an 8 track recording machine and hit record: a fixed line up had crystallized out of that session and efzeg was no longer a project based ensemble. Shortly thereafter Billy Roisz joined the four musicians using their audio as input for her analog visual feedback projections. From their first album on (grain – durian 2000) efzeg was “at the cutting-edge of the European avant-garde music.” (allmusic.com).

From 1999 – 2005 efzeg released 4 full length albums, various music for video, compilations and a full length vinyl on high profile labels such as durian, charhizma, grob, hathut, en/of, staalplaat and others. Billy Roisz’ videos were an essential part of the many live shows the band played and were also represented on most CDs they released. It’s hard to find an ensemble with such a vast and consistently well received and highly praised output in such a short period of time. Even after a break up in 2005 efzeg was still productive releasing tracks on various compilations (Selsi 2008, Venusmond Part 4).

Join us for our first concert in almost 7 years and our 13 year anniversary on June 17, 2012 at Porgy & Bess, Vienna.


Boris Hauf
Billy Roisz
Martin Siewert
Burkhard Stangl

Next Delusion – out now!

Boris Hauf , Keefe Jackson, Jason Stein – reeds
Frank Rosaly, Steven Hess, Michael Hartman – drums

“What can you expect from a Berlin-based saxophonist (tenor and soprano) who also has a parallel activity as an electronic musician? Well… the unexpected. And the surprise here is not only the instrumental configuration – three horn players, three drummers -, but also the musicians associated.  Keefe Jackson (tenor sax, contrabass clarinet), Jason Stein (bass clarinet) and Frank Rosaly (drums) are names you can find in several Chicago avant-jazz projects, but the other choices made by Boris Hauf, also centered in the Wind City, are a puzzling indication that this sextet is not a common Chicagoan enterprise. Michael Hartman (drums, electronics) comes from the noise/electronic ensemble TV Pow, and Steven Hess works normally in brutal metal and “near silence” electro-acoustic bands like Cleared, Haptic and Locrian, going from one extreme to the other. Before even listening to the CD you’re aware of the proposed intentions: to explore all the contradictions naturally introduced by the performers, and to keep alive the inherent musical tensions. And the truth is that “Next Delusion” boils to the point of explosion. Remarkable.”