Compositions for PERFORMANCES:

Short of Shape – a duet with Litó Walkey
The Parts of the Belly – new piece by Zoe Knights
Now and Then – new piece with Christina Ciupke and Jasna Vinovrški,
Come here dust and hair – Created and Performed by Litó Walkey, Sound by Boris Hauf, Lighting by Dinis Machado

Im Wind – Theater for children with Cinira Macedo and Martina Couturier
At Close Distance – Christina Ciupke, Ayşe Orhon (Berlin)
New Piece with Martin Nachbar

object of discomfort (with Christina Ciupke and Igor Dobricic, Berlin)
life and death of a melody (with Christina Ciupke, Berlin)
Ich bin’s, deine Schwestern (with Martin Nachbar & Gabi dan Droste, Hannover)

round the creep of the wave line Boris Hauf and Keefe Jackson @ Lincoln Conservatory, Chicago.
Thingamajig (with Martin Nachbar and Bruno Pocheron, Berlin, FFT)
Miles and Miles (with Karen Christopher, Sophie Grodin, Litó Walkey)

Hidden Body (with JeeAe Lim, Uferstudios)
What Moves Moves – resurrection (with Christina Ciupke)
Affording Efforts (with Martin Nachbar and Bruno Pocheron)
music for arditti – commissioned piece for Arditti Quartet‘s 40th year anniversary, premiere musikprotokoll 2014

What Moves Moves (with Christina Ciupke)
Gepresste Hände erzeugen Druck (with Julian Weber, Claudia Tomasi, Cinira Macedo)
Animal Dances (Group Piece with Martin Nachbar)
Control Signal (with Karen Christopher & Sophie Grodin)

Untitled Solo (with JeeAe Lim, Berlin)
Animal Dances (Solo) (with Martin Nachbar and Marion Montel, Vienna, Bristol, Oslo, Kuopio, Berlin)
everybody’s resistance (with JeeAe Lim, Berlin)

The Walk (with Martin Nachbar, Sophiensaele Berlin)
And 10 times more (with Zoe Knights, Salzburg, Bilbao, The Place London, Bremen)

Yes. No. A bit. Not Really. (with Christina Ciupke & Lucy Cash, PACT Zollverein, Sophiensaele Berlin)
Choreographic Things, Dancing 3 (with Martin Nachbar, Sophiensaele Berlin)
Drama Queen (with Zoe Knights, Szene Salzburg, Buda Kortrijk, Brut Wien, ARGE Salzburg)

Like that, like this (with Litó Walkey, Tanzfabrik Potsdam, Zagreb, Kampnagel Hamburg, Stuk Leuven)
Incidental Journey Saarbrücken (with Martin Nachbar, Saarbruecken)

-iller (with Martin Nachbar, Nationaltheater Mannheim)
looking for johnny (with Martin Nachbar, Stadttheater Freiburg)
Repeater (with Martin Nachbar, Brut Wien, FFT Düsseldorf, Stuk Leuven, Sophiensaele Berlin, Kampnagel Hamburg, Mousonturm, Frankfurt, Vooruit Gent)

Instanded I Turn (with Litó Walkey, Grabenfesttage Wien, Openport Festival Chicago)
Until the moment when God is destroyed by the extreme exercise of beauty (with Vera Mantero,Le Quartz Brest, Centre Pompidou Paris, Culturgest Lisbon, Guarda, Kaaitheater Brussels, La Porta Festival Barcelona, Zagreb, Viseu)

Tarzan, the Vienna Experience (with Franz Poelstra, Robert Steijn, Benoit Lachambre, TQ Halle G Wien)
The Missing Dance No.7 (with Litó Walkey & Katja Dreyer, Tanzinitiative Hamburg, Plateaux Frankfurt, 100 degree Festival Berlin, Tanztage Berlin, nottdance Nottingham)

This Body doens’t have a title yet (with Paz Rojo, Tilburg, Springdance Utrecht, Something Raw Amsterdam, CCB Antwerp)
wings raised to the second power (with Litó Walkey, platform01 Amsterdam; kanuti gildi saal Tallin, Tanzfabrik Berlin, nottdance Nottingham, Springdance Utrecht)

Dreamcracker (with Sabina Holzer, imagetanz Wien, WUK Wien, tanzfabrik Berlin, Linkshall Chicago
Not to know (with Benoit Lachambre, Andrew Harwood, Nadia Lauro, Impulsfestival Wien, le Quartz Brest)

Un etre Ici Plein (with Vera Mantero, le Quartz Brest, Porto, Big Torino)

Compositions for ENSEMBLES

music for arditti – commissioned piece for Arditti Quartet‘s 40th year anniversary, premiere musikprotokoll 2014
Ernesto Molinari (Basel)
Anna Hauf/Krasimir Sterev (Wien)
Petra Ackermann (Wien)
Anton Webern Quartet (Wien)
Ensemble Noamnesia (Chicago)
Janus Ensemble (Wien)
Grabenfesttage (Wien)
Salzburger Festspiele
Generator (Wien)
Stadttheater Freiburg
Nationaltheater Mannheim

Compositions for FILM

Robolove (dir. Maria Arlamovsky, geyrhalterfilm 2019)
Monowi Nebraska (dir Lilo Mangelsdorf, 2017)
Drama Queen (dir. Jeremy Xido, 2010)
A Last, A Quartet (4 split screen, dir. Lucy Cash, 2010)
Low boy creeper (dir. Core, 2003)
Blinq (dir. Billy Roisz, Sixpack, 2002)