new release: Postmarks – National Parks (Vinyl and CD)

PostmarksĀ is a duo with saxophonist Boris Hauf and pianist D Bayne. Their first albumĀ Western AveĀ was recorded in Chicago (2005) and released as a limited- edition CD on Luminescence Records. The 100 copies were packaged in unique covers, each a handcrafted collage from 1920s Chicago postcards by T. Kellers of STUDIO TWELVE 3. ForĀ National Parks, Hauf and Bayne went to Vienna, Austria to record with guitar-experimentalist Martin Siewert. Musical outlines for theĀ piecesĀ were inspired by U.S. national parks and their representation in iconic posters from the 1930s and 1940s.

2013 on Montotype Records

Postmarks – National Parks
Boris Hauf (baritone & tenor sax) & D Bayne (piano)
special guest: Martin Siewert (guitar, electronics)

all compositions: Boris Hauf (AKM) and D Bayne (BMI)
recorded, mixedĀ and mastered Martin Siewert, Vienna 2012

here are some of the posters we’re talking about: