three little things – updates from the Haufster

Dear friend

I hope you are well. Here’s a quick update on things.

It’s Bandcamp day again. The online platform I sell my music on is waving all it’s shares in favor of us musicians, hit by concert and touring cancellations due to you know what. So, in case you haven’t yet, but would like to, please go here check out my latest release CLARK2 . Double white LP release in beautiful gatefolded artwork by Julian Lars Gosper. Download comes with the crazy psychedelic and mind-altering videos by Thomas Binder-Reisinger. And this time I’m donating all proceeds to myself.

In case you’d like more background info on CLARK2:
I recently did a Q&A for the Italian zine Chain D.L.K: about how the album came to be, the track names, production techniques, the eco friendly promotion and production of the album, sequencing and of course the art work. 
I really appreciated the thoughtful questions. Q&A in it’s full glory is here or

One last thing – shipping from EU to the USA at regular rates is impossible in the near future. It has something to do with Trump being president, USPS going nuts and something called covid-19. There is a stash of CLARK2s sitting in Chicago though. Soooo….

hope you are all well, safe and healthy.