A Palace Not Infinite


I hope you’re well.

My recent solo CLARK2 was released on April 24, smack in the middle of the (first?) lockdown. I’m very proud of this release and think it would fit really well on your shelf and turntable.  It’s been getting good reviews and airplay but concerts and tour were cancelled.

It’s a double LP on white vinyl in an eye popping reverse printed gatefold designed by Julian Lars Gosper. Produced it at an ECO friendly factory with green, sustainable bio-mass driven technology and green power I do carbon-neutral shipping only or (if you’re in Berlin) delivered in person by bike.

Shipping to the US is bonkers right now. USPS charges $36 for a single LP, but I have a stash in Chicago. If you’re interested please get in touch.

You can listen to or buy the whole thing here.

Here’s what some listeners say about CLARK2.

“an extra-terrestrial minimalist synth excursion.” 
– xlr8r.com

“a celestial, addictive journey concluded with the elegiac […] urban, monotonous noises.” 
– Eyal Hareuveni, Salt Peanuts 

“an album of celestial electronics, alternately minimalist and maximalist and thoroughly engrossing for its entire 80 minutes” 
– Philip Montoro, Music editor Chicago Reader  

“Admirable excursion that contemplates half a century of electronics of terrestrial and sidereal environments in eighty minutes” 
– BlowUpMagazine 

“If time looked like music, it could be close to Boris Hauf’s new album, CLARK2. The 12 titles are an immersion in a space suspended from the celestial arches of a universe larger than our imagination. 
– Roland Torres 

“All this scratchin’ is making me glitch.” 
-Kevin Press 

“Brace yourself for a beautiful musical deep space science fiction adventure on this one.” 
– Stuart Bruce 

“I don’t know, it makes my eyes hurt.” 
– Naima 

Thanks for your support.
Stay safe,

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