Bed is Boris Hauf and Michael Hartman

Do Less More Often is the music they make.

This music is about finding a path through the mundaneness of the day-to-day to create purpose and meaning. It is about finding a meaningful way to pass the time, making music with your friends. There are mostly synthesizers, there are subtle pulses and pounding beats, there are gentle drones and harsh noises, there is light and dark, and there is a way to stay connected across distance, time, and clutter. There is the optimism of family and friendship pushing against the cynicism of the oligarchy.

In 2020 we released an album and raised funds for Berlin and Chicago based foodbanks. T-shirts were designed by Julian Lars Gosper, printed on Next Level Apparel shirts which are produced environmentally friendly, and sweat-shop and child labor free.

In the photo below Michael is wearing one of the Tshirts, Boris isn’t.