I have been working as freelance musician and composer since the mid 1990s, have released approximately 50 albums, composed music for 40 performance and dance pieces, 12 ensembles and 10 feature films. As curator I have developed festivals and concert-series formats, record releases and large scale orchestral events. I am active in the education field since 2010 and founded my own label in 2015.

My musical practice oscillates between the free jazz and avant-garde new music of my early professional years, reductionist experimental electric-acoustic-improvisation (which my group efzeg was part of establishing in Vienna in the early 2000s), Chicago powerpunk (Lozenge), industrial noise (Fuckhead), experimental drone rock (TUB, Half Wolf), rock (Naked Lunch), cosmic blues drones sprinkled with kraut psychedelics (Owl & Mack), doom jazz (The Peeled Eye), postindustrial-sci-fi-space-techno-electronica (CLARK), film music, sound design and contemporary new music ( Janus Ensemble, Arditti Quartet, et al).

A significant part of my work are longstanding collaborations within the performing arts, with which I continuously explore interdisciplinary practices. Developing generative tools for creative processes has been the core of my educational practice at UdK Berlin and other institutions. My curatorial work expands personal musical research interests into larger formats: investigating the dualism of improvisation and composition throughout various geographical locations (“Chicago Sound Map”); exposing audiences of all ages and abilities to a wide range of musical styles (“Playdate”); establishing innovative concert formats transcending traditional concert situations (“Cinesthesia”). Together with Vancouver based designer Julian Lars Gosper I started the record label Shameless in 2015.


Multi-Instrumentalist, composer, producer and performer. Boris Hauf composes for large and small ensembles, performance artists, film, radio, soloists, video and installation art. More than 50 releases on vinyl, CD, tape and online.

Hauf initiated and curated the annual composition festival Chicago Sound Map in Chicago, the concert series Playdate in Berlin and (together with AUXXX and Brotfabrik Berlin) the Filmmusik series Cinesthesia Screen Concerts Berlin.

He tours worldwide in a variety of bands, ensembles as well as in various performative contexts. Current bands include Naked Lunch, Owl & Mack and solo projects Clark and Redrick.

As performer and composer he collaborates closely with choreographers LitĂł Walkey, Christina Ciupke, Martin Nachbar, Karen Christopher and many others.

Boris is the keyboarder/multi-instrumentalist of legendary Austrian rock band Naked Lunch, owns and runs the independent record label shameless and lives in Berlin, Germany.

curatorial work (selection)

Play Date  – Winter Nachmittagskonzert-Reihe at ausland, Theater am Feld, Berlin.
Chicago Sound Map – 
Festival mit Schwerpunkt Dualismus Improvisation und Komposition, an verschiedenen Venues, Chicago.
Cinestasia Screen Concerts – â€śFilmmusik” in Form von Konzerten gemeinsam mit BROTFABRIK BERLIN und AUXXX, Berlin

film music (selection)

Rasender Stillstand – viral shortfilm, dir. Lilo Mangelsdorff
Gleich Zurück – feature film, dir Frauke Havemann
Red Rebels (promo trailer music)
The Woman Who Swallowed Her House – (dir. Frauke Havemann, onairproductions) (in production)
Robolove – (dir. Maria Arlamovsky, Geyerhalter Film)
Monowai, Nebraska â€“ (dir.Lilo Mangelsdorff)
Drama Queen (dir. Jeremy Xido)

compositions (selection)

music for arditti â€“ premiered by Arditti Quartett, musikprotokoll
The Walk Animal Dances Incidental Journey Repeater â€“ Martin Nachbar
Now and Then Object of Discomfort life and death of a melody what moves moves– Christina Ciupke
Parts of the Belly Drama Queen And 10 times more â€“ Zoe Knights

releases (selection)

Do you Get Stressed (Remix) [BanoffeeSound]
exspiro [jmymusic]
Do Less More Often [shameless]
CLARK2 [shameless]
On the Pulse of Morning (feat. Maya Angelou) [shameless]
Here come the Bells – Naked Lunch [lotterlabel]
So Sad– Naked Lunch [lotterlabel]
CLARK [shameless]
EISEN – Couscous & Boris Hauf [noise appeal]
NEXT DELUSION [shameless]
The Peeled Eye [shameless]
Postmarks – National Parks [monotype]
Boris Hauf Sextet [clean feed]
Proxemics – Hauf/Hess/Jackson/Juun [Creative Sources]