CLARK2 sneak peek #1

Hello friend,

I hope you and yours are all well in these intense and super weird times.

The idea was to release CLARK2 in late April 2020 and then travel through Europe to play house-concert type private record release shows. Well, that won’t happen. Still not sure how I’ll ‘present’ the record but will keep you updated via this channel.

In the mean time I have some wonderful videos to share with you over the next weeks. All by the amazing Thomas Binder-Reisinger.

Thanks for your time,

““Mirrorism” has more than a shade of early Tangerine Dream about it, revelling in gradually unfolding analogue synth arpeggiations that are dizzying at first then blossom into a new calm- the sound of a composer with a great deal of understanding both technical and emotional.” – Stuart Bruce

Music: Boris Hauf
Video: Thomas Binder-Reisinger

Album: CLARK2, Shameless Records, SHLP07
2 White Vinyl LPs in Gatefold Cover

Street date: April 24, 2020


benefit release


In light of the dystopian humanitarian crisis in the Aegean region Shameless Records is releasing a benefit album.

All proceeds of this album go directly to the Greek NGO Infomobile, providing refugees with information concerning their rights in Greece and Europe. Infomobile offers legal advise through street work, printed guides and social media, and in individual cases strategic legal and humanitarian aid. They document human rights violations and publish reports to create awareness in the civil society, to increase political pressure for change and establish new tools for legal aid before authorities and courts.

To the European leaders we say:


+++Verbreiten auf allen KanÀlen+++

*Demonstration* Heute (3/3/2020) 18:00 Uhr vor dem Kanzler*innenamt mit anschließendem Protestmarsch

Wir schauen nicht zu, wenn Menschen zu Opfern von TrĂ€nengas, Schlagstöcken und SchĂŒssen der FriedensnobelpreistrĂ€gerin EU werden! Wir sind gegen eine europĂ€ische Abschottung und fordern die Einhaltung der Menschenrechte!
Seit der einseitigen Grenzöffnung durch die TĂŒrkei sitzen tausende Menschen in einem rechtslosen Niemandsland zwischen der griechischen und tĂŒrkischen Grenze fest. Boote mit flĂŒchteten Menschen werden in Griechenland von Rechtsradikalen am Anlegen gehindert. GeflĂŒchtete, Helfer*innen, Politiker*innen und Journalist*innen werden auf griechischen Inseln von Rechtsradikalen attackiert. Zudem hat Griechenland das Asylrecht ausgesetzt.

*Wir treffen uns heute Abend, um zu zeigen, dass wir nicht bereit sind das zu akzeptieren! Wir lassen nicht zu, dass Menschen an der Festung Europa sterben.*

Wir fordern, dass die EU endlich Verantwortung ĂŒbernimmt und flĂŒchtende Menschen aufnimmt!
Wir fordern, dass die 138 sicheren HÀfen in Deutschland gehört werden!
Wir fordern Horst Seehofer, das Innenministerium, Angela Merkel, die Bundesregierung und die EU auf: schĂŒtzt Menschen statt Grenzen!
Gemeinsam gegen den Faschismus!

#GrenzenAufLebenRetten #KampfDemFaschismus #KampfdemRassismus #NichtMeineEU #RefugeesWelcome #KolonialeVerantwortung #DefendSolidarity

Elliot Sharp plays live music to 1984

Cinesthesia Screen Concert 005

TUESDAY 5 JUNE 2018 @ 21:00

Caligariplatz 1
13086 BERLIN



FILM: 1984 | USA 1956| 90 minutes | Director: Michael Anderson

George Orwell wrote his visionary novel “1984” based on personal experiences with totalitarian systems. The 1956 film rendition appeared in the middle of the Cold War, not long after Orwell’s death. His widow sold the film rights to a film agent without realising that the agent’s employer was the CIA’s culture department!

Boris Hauf (Keyboards) und Alex Jezdinsky (Drums)

I’m very excited to announce the next Screen Concert at Brotfabrik Berlin Weissensee on January 25th, 9pm. The fantastic drummer and synth player Alex Jezdinsky from Hamburg will be going me to play live music for the Swedish silent movie classic HĂ€xan.

Cinesthesia Screen Concert 003
Date: January 25th, 9pm
Film: HĂ€xan
Music: Boris Hauf & Alex Jezdinsky
Venue: Brotfabrik, Caligari platz 1, 13086 Berlin Weissensee

fun facts:
Alex and I play in the Austrian rock band NAKED LUNCH. Alex drums, me keys. HĂ€xan was Williams Burrough’s favorite movie. We’ll be using his original narration throughout the screening. there they are, the fun facts.

more Info

new record out

Dear everyone, liebe Leute!

you may have heard of this via Shameless. I still wanted to take this opportunity and  shamelessly crosspost letting you know that I released a solo record called CLARK. If you feel like some new 180 gram vinyl in super beautiful packaging by Shameless design director Julian Gosper please swing over to and buy a copy. we’re selling it for 18e and are offering flat rate shipping worldwide for 4e. you get aiff and mp3 downloads with the vinyl.
The music was composed in 2005 and released as CDR on the UK label Sijis. We edited the tracks a little for the 2017 Shamless LP re-issue. Todd Carter who mastered the tracks originally in 2005 did an amazing job remastering the whole thing for vinyl.
I want to say a big thanks to all the writers, magazines and radiohosts who have given us so much love in the past months: Radio Nacional de España, Frans de Waard (Vital Weekly), Stuart Bruce (Chain D.L.K.), Riccardo Gorone (Carnage News), Roberto Mandolini (Rockerilla), Roland Torres (Silence and Sound), Robin Tomens (Include Me Out), Digital in Berlin, Acik radio in Istanbul, BBC, Eldoradio, ORF, Radio Libertaire, Radio Z, Radio Slovenija, The Parish News, Radio Fro.
Thanks also to OYE Records in Berlin for carrying the wax.
Interested folk in Chicago, please contact me. I have a private stash waiting there for you.
Patrick Pagel shot beautiful photos of the cover and Thomas Binder-Reisinger made an amazing video. You can find all that on
thanks for your time,
here’s the link to the record again:
local pickup options in Berlin, Chicago and Vienna. shipping 4e flat rate worldwide. 3 LPS upwards please get in touch.
“CLARK is full of semi-structured dangers, disco howls, cyborg jockeys and fusions of tiny percussion parts.”
Radio Nacional de España
“the re-issue on vinyl makes a lot of sense. It has a great quality and doesn’t sound dated at all, unlike some of the computer music that appeared a few years before that, the technoid music of Hauf still sounds remarkable fresh; to me it seems like a wise decision to re-issue this.”
Vital Weekly 1069 / Frans de Waard (2017)
“‘Clark’ is perhaps as far removed from techno as it’s possible to be whilst still being able to justify labelling it as techno, which I will, but this is an extremely deep, insular journey that benefits from focussed headphone listening. Releases like this have been appearing more frequently lately but for a 2005 release this was well ahead of the curve and its release is certainly justified.”
Chain D.L.K. / Stuart Bruce
“The Syncopated Molecules in Microwave Meals will Finally Understand”
Carnage News / Riccardo Gorone
“dry and cutting edge electronics, post-industrial techno and minimal”
Rockerilla / Roberto Mandolini 
“Clark makes wonderful use of intelligence and sensations. It’s a majestic EP of conciseness and relevance, combining the multiple facets of today’s music to propel them towards a future with exciting modulations.”
Silence and Sound / Roland Torres
“Clark is rising in my estimation with every play”
Include Me Out / Robin Tomens 
“post industrial minimal music”
Digital in Berlin / piradio 
“Minimal and elegant electronic music for Boris Hauf, everything is quasi essential during the listening. The sound choice is accurate and the mastering done by Todd Carter in Chicago pushes everything at the right place.”
Chain DLK / Andrea Ferraris (2005)
“a fine bunch of microsounding glitch ambient or whatever you call it, […] here on ‘Clark’ he comes up with something that sidesteps that: his own version of techno music. Stripped bare of all unnecessary elements, adding his own sometimes creepy sounds,”
Vital Weekly / Frans de Waard (2005)
“Fragments of techno juxtaposed with modernist contemporary experimentation make it liable to pique the interest of many an electronic music connoisseur.”
Furthernosie / Alex Young

not all was bad in 2016


Nov 5 – Wien, Werk
Nov 4 – Vöcklabruck, OKH
Nov 3 – Graz, Volkshaus/Queerograd Festival
Nov 2 – Villach, Kulturhofkeller
Nov 1 – Zwettl an der Rodl, Sonnenhof
Oct 31 – Steyr, Röda
Oct 29 – Innsbruck, PMK (+ Xenofox)
Oct 28 – Salzburg, ARGE (+ Maja Osojnik)
Oct 27 – Linz, Stadtwerkstatt