Chicago Sound Map

chicago sound mapChicago Sound Map is a composition/improvisation festival I initiated and curate. It takes place in Chicago.

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Recorded on April 8, 2008 in the Claudia Cassidy Theater at the Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, Illinois this CD documents 2 composition by Oliva Block and Ernst Karel, interpreted by the CSM Ensemble.

Stop the Sound of the Big Bell mixes traditional and graphic notational techniques leaving open spaces for structured improvisation for each player at different times. It is designed so the improvised segments fit within the larger framework of the piece, instead of driving the form of the composition. Heard Laboratories, performed uses as its score an edited phonographic work consisting of recordings of scientific research environments at Harvard University: parts one and two are direct interpretations of tracks one and two of Heard Laboratories (and/OAR, 2009).

The Ensemble: Dudley Bayne – piano, Todd Carter – electronics, Kevin Davis – cello, Michael Hartman – percussion, Boris Hauf – saxophone, Keefe Jackson – saxophone, Brian Labycz – electronics, Jen Clare Paulson – viola, Jason Roebke – bass, Jason Stein – bass clarinet, Conducted by Don Malone

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