Chicago Sound Map

Chicago Sound Map began in 2007 as an annual new music festival taking place in multiple venues throughout the city of Chicago. Each year a selection of composers is invited to devise musical systems that focus on the dualism of composition and improvisation. A large ensemble of experienced improvisers interprets each composer’s proposal. Chicago Sound Map was initiated by Boris Hauf and is curated by Boris Hauf & Michael Hartman.

The malleable relationship between music and the ensemble is realized best in process oriented rather than goal oriented work. The transient nature of the ensemble helps framing and reassessing the working process of composer and the ensemble. Compositions understood as structural and/or formal guides to improvisation rather than content orientated approaches have had bigger chances for success. Composers understanding that dynamic and composing accordingly have, quite frankly, been more fun to rehearse, play and listen to. Each composition has limited rehearsal (depending on the amount of composition from 90-180 ins per piece & an extended soundcheck).


2010, April 16 & 17 @ Heaven Gallery (Composers: Judith Unterpertinger, Jeb Bishop)

2009, Feb 21 & 23 @ Heaven Gallery and Cultural Center Chicago (Composers: Jim Baker, Kyle Bruckmann, Don Malone, Adam Sonderberg)

2008, April 8 & 12 @ Heaven Gallery and Cultural Center Chicago (Composers: Olivia Block, Ernst Karel, Dudley Bayne, Kevin Davis)

2007, August 17, 18 & 19 @ Elastic Arts Foundation, Heaven Gallery, Loftspace (Composers: Olivia Block, Brent Gutzeit, Burkhard Stangl, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Michael Zerang, Dudley Bayne)

The Band since 2007

Boris Hauf – Tenorsax, Sopranosax
Keefe Jackson – Tenorsax, Contrabass Clarinet
Jason Stein – Bass Clarinet
Jen-Clare Paulson – Viola
Kevin Davis – Cello
Anton Hatwich – Bass
Liz Payne – Bass, Viola
Jason Roebke – Bass
Dudley Bayne – Piano, Fender Rhodes
Todd Carter – Synth,Sampler
Brian Labycz – Electronics
Michael Hartman – Percussion, Synth
Steven Hess – Percussion, Synth
Don Malone – Conductor

CD release on kuroneko music

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