a charity and solidarity release responding to the disaster following two earthquakes in southeast Türkiye and bordering Syria on February 6, 2023, killing 50.000 people and affecting 23 million more.

’Zelzele’ means big shake, turbulence, tremor, earthquake in Turkish as well as in Kurmanji Kurdish, in Persian and in dozens of other languages with small variations.The noun is borrowed from Arabic زَلْزَلَة (zalzala). Thank you Ayse Orhon for helping in naming this release.

This release was initiated and curated by Biliana Voutchkova & Boris Hauf for Shameless Records. Thank you to all the artists involved for their contribution.

Clara Levy, Biliana Voutchkova, Vinicius Cajado, Martin Siewert, Christian Weber, Joan Jeanrenau, Miya Masaoka, Boris Hauf

released March 3, 2023

November 2021

super delayed CLARK2 record release and film premiere tour – Berlin, Salzburg, Wien.

details to follow.

“an immersion in a space suspended from the celestial arches of a universe bigger than our imagination”

wow, thank you muchas muchas, #radio3 – Radio Nacional de España @rtve

REDRICK updated

Last December I released a collection of lockdown tunes named after the main character in the Strugatsky brothers’ Roadside Picnic: Redrick.

The album will be updated as we go along. Check back when you have a mo and download the tracks you dont have yet. I think that’s how it’ll work.

thanks all, stay safe and healthy and sane.

Roland Torres from SilenceAndSound wrote some wonderful words about the release. Thanks Roland.

“It is almost in discretion that Boris Hauf continues to develop and divulge his music, full of poetry and tenderness, empathy and discreet beauty.

Redrick, released a few months ago as an EP, has been embellished with new tracks to turn into an album and should continue to see his tracklisting expand over time.

The unpredictable is a notion that the composer seems to particularly appreciate, offering with each new project a new angle of his personality forming a complex and rich whole that continually explores the depths of our world.

Crafted like a sculpture, each title is an opportunity for Boris Hauf to express galaxy skeletons, dreams escaped from black holes, erased images of the present … slaying hostile areas to create strangely attractive arpents of land.

There is a lot of finesse and delicacy in the work of the German, craftsman of rushed feelings and sensitive deviations, offering with Redrick, an initiatory journey to the heart of our creative humanity and our submerged emotions. It brilliantly blends, soothing trance and porous intensity, inviting jazz, electronics, classical and abstraction to merge together, to drift until the end of time. Vital.”

Thank Yous and Smooth Slides

Thank you for your support this year. With two charity releases and a benefit rooftop concert Shameless Records could raise 4000Euro for foodbanks in Chicago and Berlin and for the Greek NGO Infomobile, providing refugees with information concerning their rights in Greece and Europe.
A big thank you also to all musicians involved and Julian Lars Gosper for the artwork .
Due to 2020 we are behind with the physical releases we promised you for this autumn and winter. Thanks for your patience. We have 3 amazing new releases cooking, hopefully out before Easter 2021.
Wishing you a solid and smooth slide over to a friendly 2021,


more lockdown tunes for you:

November 2020, second Corona lockdown.
Pay as you wish, thanks.
Be well,

Music: Boris Hauf
Artwork: Julian Gosper


Bed is Boris Hauf and Michael Hartman – Do Less More Often is the music they made. This music is about finding a path through the mundaneness of the day-to-day to create purpose and meaning. It is about finding a meaningful way to pass the time, making music with your friends. There are mostly synthesizers, there are subtle pulses and pounding beats, there are gentle drones and harsh noises, there is light and dark, and there is a way to stay connected across distance, time, and clutter. There is the optimism of family and friendship pushing against the cynicism of the oligarchy.

Original release was accompanied by a T-shirt release here.
T-shirt design by Julian Lars Gosper, printed on Next Level Apparel shirts which are produced environmentally friendly, and sweat-shop and child labor free.

Go to for the 8 remaining Ts…

Thanks and enjoy.

VIDEO BY Andrew Jarvis


“The imaginative space between a piece of language and an intersection of commonly overlooked details in the environment is treated like a strange object that opens a distinct process of observation. Acting as both host and instigator, Litó Walkey continues to deal with the generative space among memory, presence and collective thinking. The audience is made complicit in a site of attention qualified by more than a
single identifiable subject. Multiple intervals of return in alternating presentational modes foreground the co- inhabitation of temporal, acoustic, spacial, physical and associative debris.”
– Litó Walkey


Created and Performed by Litó Walkey
Sound by Boris Hauf
Lighting by Dinis Machado

A Palace Not Infinite


I hope you’re well.

My recent solo CLARK2 was released on April 24, smack in the middle of the (first?) lockdown. I’m very proud of this release and think it would fit really well on your shelf and turntable.  It’s been getting good reviews and airplay but concerts and tour were cancelled.

It’s a double LP on white vinyl in an eye popping reverse printed gatefold designed by Julian Lars Gosper. Produced it at an ECO friendly factory with green, sustainable bio-mass driven technology and green power I do carbon-neutral shipping only or (if you’re in Berlin) delivered in person by bike.

Shipping to the US is bonkers right now. USPS charges $36 for a single LP, but I have a stash in Chicago. If you’re interested please get in touch.

You can listen to or buy the whole thing here.

Here’s what some listeners say about CLARK2.

“an extra-terrestrial minimalist synth excursion.” 

“a celestial, addictive journey concluded with the elegiac […] urban, monotonous noises.” 
– Eyal Hareuveni, Salt Peanuts 

“an album of celestial electronics, alternately minimalist and maximalist and thoroughly engrossing for its entire 80 minutes” 
– Philip Montoro, Music editor Chicago Reader  

“Admirable excursion that contemplates half a century of electronics of terrestrial and sidereal environments in eighty minutes” 
– BlowUpMagazine 

“If time looked like music, it could be close to Boris Hauf’s new album, CLARK2. The 12 titles are an immersion in a space suspended from the celestial arches of a universe larger than our imagination. 
– Roland Torres 

“All this scratchin’ is making me glitch.” 
-Kevin Press 

“Brace yourself for a beautiful musical deep space science fiction adventure on this one.” 
– Stuart Bruce 

“I don’t know, it makes my eyes hurt.” 
– Naima 

Thanks for your support.
Stay safe,

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Also been filling up with new and old stuff. 


2 days before the garage that housed my studio from 2010-13 was blown up I recorded 5 solo organ tracks in the driveway/stairwell.


Music for a performance duet by Karen Christopher & Sophie Grodin, 2013

Control Signal explores invisible influences and inexplicable connections. It explores our irresistible urge to impose our will upon our immediate surroundings; upon nature. Through sound textures, spoken text, and actions that build visual statements, two people amble, dance, and tremble through a series of ideas and introduce an uncontrollable vibration.

Sound: Boris Hauf
performance by: Karen Christopher & Sophie Grodin
Light: Marty Langthorne
Dramaturgy: Litó Walkey