• Animal Dances¬†by Martin Nachbar (Vienna, Bristol, Oslo, Kuopio)


  • The Walking Project¬†by Martin Nachbar (Sophiensaele Berlin)
  • And 10 times more¬†by Zoe Knights (Salzburg, Bilbao, The Place London, Bremen)


  • Yes. No. A bit. Not Really. with Christina Ciupke & Lucy Cash (Sophiensaele Berlin)
  • Choreographic Things, Dancing 3 by Martin Nachbar (Sophiensaele Berlin)
  • Drama Queen by Zoe Knights (Szene Salzburg, Buda Kortrijk, Brut Wien, ARGE Salzburg)


  • Like that, like this by Lit√≥ Walkey (Tanzfabrik Potsdam, Zagreb, Kampnagel Hamburg, Stuk Leuven)
  • Incidental Journey Saarbr√ľcken by Martin Nachbar (Saarbruecken)


  • -iller by Martin Nachbar (Nationaltheater Mannheim)
  • looking for johnny by Martin Nachbar (Stadttheater Freiburg)
  • Repeater by Martin Nachbar (Brut Wien, FFT D√ľsseldorf, Stuk Leuven, Sophiensaele Berlin, Kampnagel Hamburg, Mousonturm, Frankfurt, Vooruit Gent)


  • Instanded I Turn with Lit√≥ Walkey (Grabenfesttage Wien, Openport Festival Chicago)
  • Until the moment when God is destroyed by the extreme exercise of beauty by Vera Mantero
  • (Le Quartz Brest, Centre Pompidou Paris, Culturgest Lisbon, Guarda, Kaaitheater Brussels, La Porta Festival Barcelona, Zagreb, Viseu)


  • Tarzan, the Vienna Experience with Franz Poelstra, Robert Steijn, Benoit Lachambre (TQ Halle G Wien)
  • The Missing Dance No.7¬†with Lit√≥ Walkey & Katja Dreyer (Tanzinitiative Hamburg, Plateaux Frankfurt, 100 degree Festival Berlin, Tanztage Berlin, nottdance Nottingham


  • This Body doens’t have a title yet by Paz Rojo (Tilburg, Springdance Utrecht, Something Raw Amsterdam, CCB Antwerp)
  • wings raised to the second power by Lit√≥ Walkey (platform01 Amsterdam; kanuti gildi saal Tallin, Tanzfabrik Berlin, nottdance Nottingham, Springdance Utrecht)


  • Dreamcracker by Sabina Holzer
  • imagetanz Wien, WUK Wien, tanzfabrik Berlin, Linkshall Chicago
  • Not to know with Benoit Lachambre, Andrew Harwood, Nadia Lauro (Impulsfestival Wien, le Quartz Brest)


  • Un etre Ici Plein by Vera Mantero (le Quartz Brest, Porto, Big Torino)

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